Our Mission

To educate poor children who cannot afford to go to school due to monetary reasons or because of their family, the children education programme is focussed on educating the parents regarding the children education and to provide them free education - because poor children are not meant to work as labour.

Today women in the society apart from working in home can also work outside (which is not common in villages) to share the household expense and we as an organization working towards providing them skills to get the work and break the zest that woman cant work.

Apart from these two programmes there are many other projects into account for the growth of rural areas, e.g. vocational training, health awareness, poverty alleviation programmes, agricultural help, etc. Prosperity and growth depends on elimination of poverty which is possible when each and every child is educated.

Our Objective

We are working hard for our objectives. You can contribute your support with donation for making India shining. The benefit a person can receive by donating to this NGO that his/her half income tax exempt if he/she contributes half of his income tax as we are the holder of 80 G Certificate which gives this advantage to our NGO.

We started our priority from villages which has the major population of uneducated children and workless woman. We are as a small organization trying to make a big difference by eradicating the root causes of poverty and making the brighter India.

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